The Adventure Begins…

It started with that dreaded word…redundant. Out of the blue…redundant. Officially redundant on April 3rd, my birthday. Another great memory in 2020, the year that just keeps on giving!

After many years working as a buyer I faced the same fate as many sadly have and was left asking the question what now? There was no desk clearing, no goodbyes and not even the obligatory leaving gift, just thrown in to the sea of unemployed people in the ocean of 2020.

Luckily for me, as I drowned my shock and sorrow that fateful day, my husband, the perpetually positive one, was already online looking at domain names. Like Derek Trotter, he saw a chance go make something of our own, his excitement clear. And so the “what now” became POP OUTSIDE…


Yes, originally we were Pop Outside. It fitted our brief for wanting to produce product to get individuals and families outside, but it lacked bite. And then when we were doing our business plan it came to us, a name reflective of 2020…Caged Tiger. I had long used the term when I had been trapped inside all day with the children that we were like Caged Tigers and a name has never been more apt than in 2020. Having the name helped us decide the direction we wanted our products to go in, the first step in building our little empire.

And slowly over the last few months we have gone from discussing a name to having a fully fledged business. It’s not all been smooth sailing and having always been a buyer at large established businesses, some of it has been uncharted territory, but we have started the journey on a long road to building our business.  I’m sure there will be (at least) a hundred new things to learn as we go and part of the purpose of this blog will be to share our experiences in-case detailing our mistakes can help other people avoid them in the future. 🙂